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“They said it also jumped a couple of teeth” can’t be a correct diagnosis. The death of the ECM will not cause the timing chain to jump teeth, it will just make the engine die. What were the circumstances when the ECM died? Did it die from corrosion? If the valves are bent then it looks like time for a new engine, unless you pick up rebuilding the engine yourself. A leak test will tell you if any valve is bent. If you have a small air compressor handy you can plug it in to each of the spark plug holes and listen for any hiss where air is coming out. Look at youtube videos on leak test. Eric the car guy has many useful videos. Although, the way the engine in the quest is placed under the windshield area makes it impossible to plug an air hose into half of it. You have to take the intake manifold off, at least the front part of it. A couple decades ago I started out with a lowly sentra, took the head completely apart and put new valves in, including hand lapping them and all that good stuff.