Reply To: Timing Chain



Nissan needs to be held accountable for this issue. For a brand new nissan maxima only 6 yrs old with a mileage of 55,000 to have an outrageous sevice fee of $1,500 is criminal to say the least. I started hearing a noise that sound like a chain or screws was jingling under the hood took it to the dealership & was told that I needed a timing chain. Couldn’t believe it so I took it to several mechanics who stated that there should never be an issue with the timing chain on Nissan cars. One mechanic stated that the problem is that Nissan put a low grade piece of material that goes around the chain and it the chain wears the material down. When the car reaches a certain mileage you will hear this noise. And apparently Nissan knew this. But instead of calling it a recall they decided to make it an upgrade. How dare they. This is deceitful. They should be brought up on charges. And the kicker is that only Nissan can repair this. No mechanic will touch the job because only Nissan has the proper tools to fix it and the labor is what really cost.