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Hello Everyone,

To answer your question regarding problems with Nissan’s Quest timing chain here is what I have found so far and the actions I am taking. If you Google (Nissan’s Technical Bulletin Service Bulletin Classification: EM07-001c Reference: NTB07-042c Date: December 14, 2009) it will explain the problems individuals are having with their Maxiama, Altima, and Quest from 2004-2009.

I started hearing the buzzing noise around 70,000 miles so I started looking up the noise like everyone else and came across this information. There are a number of forums out there with people having the same problem. I contacted my Nissan Dealer here in Santa Rosa Ca to explain the problem. I was told by the service representative this was a normal problem they dealt with. He then told me to contact Nissan’s Customer Service and start a Case concerning the problem. This is excatly what I did. I ended up taking it to the Nissan’s dealer ship. The technician was able to verify that is was indeed the timing chain and it was due to the plastic parts the Nissan Bulletin speaks about. I contacted Nissans Customer Affairs center to report what the Nissan technician how found and see if they would pay for the repair since it was due to the faulty part Nissan placed in the vehicle.

A week later I received a phone call from the Service Center saying that they had denied my claim for reimbursement. However, when I asked for the reason why they did not provide one. I asked to speak to their supervisor which the individual reply there wasn’t one and the decision was final. A few days later I received letter from Nissan Consumer Affairs stating since my vehicle was outside its New Vehicle Limited Warranty they would not reimburse me for the repairs $1,849.78.

It is extremely frustrating to pay for repairs that Nissan is completely aware of as being faulty. Nissan has even switch from the plastic nylon parts to metal parts in the timing chain. I am currently speaking with a lawyer and have sent out a memo to several different individuals and agencies regarding this ongoing issue:

Mr. Carlos Ghosn CEO of Nissan North America
Representative Doris Matsui Ca 6th
Senator Dianne Feinstein
Senator Barbara Boxer
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
Better Business Bureau Arbitration
Federal Trade Commission
Center for Auto Safety