Reply To: Updated info.



I found out how to test for spark. So I did that last night with the plugs that are right on the front of the engine. All three of them are showing no spark at all.

To be fair, again, vehicle is over 100K and the plugs show a huge gap in them and are charred. The contact surface looks like the end of a sharpened pencil. I’ve got someone saying that it’s possible that due to the condition of the plugs, I could have shorted out all the coils, but I’m not so sure.

The other thing I think I’m coming back to is that if I put new plugs in, and even if I replaced say one of the coils and it still didn’t spark, would that be a definite on the ECM being bad? Can the ECM be replaced by putting it in and the car still start and run? i know it needs to be programmed but is that programming to get the engine to start, or other things?

Any ideas guys?

Oh yes. when testing for spark, I can smell gas, so i believe I’m getting fuel o.k. But definitely, I have no spark.