Reply To: Very smooth after ATF 2 drain & fill



Just wanna post an update to my own ATF drain & fill effort. I ended up ordering $119 / 12qt. geniune Nissan Matic-K on eBay. I really was tempted to use Royal Pureple I found a deal on eBay for $128 / 12qt. Used around 3.25 qt. on each drain & fill.

We drove about 2000mi. after the 1st drain and fill in 2 weeks (some Easter & spring break trips). Proud to say that it’s still shifting very smoothly. And I just finished my 2nd drain & fill today. If anything, I’ll be paying some more attention to see if it’ll improve my gas mileage any bit… since cleaner fluid may restore my tranny running right viscosity of ATF etc. compared to pretty dark fluid before.

We got a whopping 23.5 MPG on our long weekend trip from North Carolina to Florida (driving 75-85mph on hwy).
— half full synthetic Quaker State and half Valvoline NextGen & Purolator PureONE filter.
— Using K&N filter
— Cleaned MAF Sensor
— I purposely pumped to +1 psi to OEM spec, so 36psi (TPMS shows 38psi when it’s warmed up)

The only thing that pisses me off is my Power Liftgate — it always plays “hard to get” when warm. On some colder day / evening, it opens and closes in 1 click of a button or 1 lift at handle from outside… but most other days I MUST give it a little ELSE it won’t open/close. Anyone knows what’s the fix? Need to grease it up?