Reply To: Villager Intermittent No Start


This could be the fuel pump failing, the check valve in the fuel pump or the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail not keeping the pressure in the fuel lines and at the injectors.
Try this – Turn key to ON and wait 5 seconds for the pump to shut off. Then turn key to OFF and wait for about 5 seconds for the PCM power relay under the dash, to click off. Then repeat sequence and start engine. This builds up pressure that bled off if you have a bad check valve in the fuel pump.
You should have 43 psi key on , engine off, and 39 psi engine running.
I run the villager-Quest yahoo group witha couple of other guys. A lot more technical info there. I work for Ford and worked on the joint program from 3 years before launch to 2002 when it ended. We handled the TSBs, concern identification, recalls, owner notification programs, etc. No one knows more about Villager Quest than our site and we have tons of files.
I still work at Ford Motor Comapny and have acces to all manuals and catalogs.

Gerry in Detroit