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Well, as often happens… the problem had to get worse before it could really be identified (I hope)..

It acts like it is flooding. Since it’s not a carb, obviously that’s a fuel problem in the injectors.

So, I tried unplugging the fuel pump relay. Voila, it will start EVERY time if you unplug the fuel relay. Of course, it will only run momentarily when you do that. But then when I put the relay back and start it again (dry on fuel) it will start/run OK. But try to start it later and it goes through the whole won’t start junk and you have to do the whole unplug relay/start/plug back in/start routine.

So.. I’m pretty sure it’s a stuck open or leaking fuel injector. Especially since it was missing on cylinder #1 a while back despite having a spark. So probably that injector. Probably got debris in the lines when a fuel line had to be replaced not long ago…

Now have a set of injectors off ebay – will see if this fixes it. Then I get to tackle the A/C.