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yeah that depends on all the other info. What rebates, or APR you are getting. Dealers can be very clever, they will give you a price based on you paying cash or bringing your own financing. Meaning they will give you the $4,000 rebate based on that, then when you get going on the paper work, and you want to use their 0% or 0.9% APR, you don’t get that $4,000 rebate. Plus you can have tags, taxes, fee’s, which can add up to several thousand dollars.

So it could be a great deal, or it could be not so great. Just make sure you ask all the questions, like…

Is this the “out the door price?” < your best bet here as it includes all other additions>
What are all the other fee’s?
Do I qualify for this rebate / or financing, or both?

Best way to check is to go to another dealer as well, give them the offer and see if they can beat it. Just make sure you compare apples to apples on the vehicles.

Good luck, let us know how it turns out