Reply To: Yeah, you got a point =/



The reason why I wanted to do this is:
– More power from having a direct-injected DOHC instead of a plain old SOHC
– Drifting minivan? I think yes.
– Better power-to-weight ratio for more nimbleness (I’m gonna remove the third row seats)
– With trunk space and legroom, technically, it would be a practical “sports car”
– It’s just weird and different

The cost and labor may be just about the only problem. While I think salvaging the parts wouldn’t be too hard, coming up with a way to make it work would be a challenge. Since the S13 drivetrain was designed with the transverse layout, it may be possible to squeeze the in VQ sideways like the original V6 and keep the standard drive gear, because I think it fits onto said transmission (I might need a bulging hood: 3.5L > 3.0L). I may have to rework the chassis to make room for the driveshaft and maybe even change the supension to compensate the almost-200% power increase. It’s a lot of work and a s***load of man hours, but with the help of some of my friends, this might work out.

I have thought about maybe bolting on a RB25DETT or SR20DET turbo, but both of those were designed for inline layouts, not the V layout. I don’t want to go buy aftermarket or custom made parts, because I’m trying to theme the car around the fact that you don’t need them to upgrade.