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Yes…add me to the list of folks with this issue. Crazy that Nissan designed these engines to last under 100k miles. Planned obsolescence. Did they really think we would be repeat customers? And to think that Wards listed this engine as one of the best in the world.

I had this issue back around 20k miles and Nissan repaired it under warranty. Now at 114k miles, I’ve noticed the ever so faint tick noise, so, I expect it to be really bad in a few thousand miles.

I will not put $2,000+ into fixing this engine.
At 114k miles, I’ve also got an occasional transmission thunk at interstate speeds between 4th and 5th gear.
And, we all know the ECU corrosion issue exist, and if/once that happens, will cost another $1,500.

In regard to moving to other brands as some have suggested, I’ve read and heard of other horror stories with Honda Odyssey owners too. Their forums are lit up with their own severe issues. Actually a neighbor just had his Odyssey engine rebuilt at 61k miles with Honda agreeing to pay a percentage of the repair.

We’re going back to Ford/GM once we are ready to trade, hopefully before these issue occur.

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