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    So, we’ve had our ’04 for 1 month. So far, nothing has gone wrong. But it is HOT here, 95 (humidity making it feel way over 100) and I don’t think the ac is working right. It just doesn’t get that cold. I mean, it’s “OK” but I have it on full blast the entire time to keep from sweating. So, my husband added (or recharged) the freon but I’m not sure that made much of a difference. He says foreign cars ac isn’t as cool as American cars and I’m basically going to have to get used to it. Our van just gets HOT HOT HOT, even more so than our previous van (a Dodge Caravan). Granted, it is dark grey, but short of tinting the side windows (which I am thinking of doing) is there something fixable here?



    Have you checked to see if both fans under the hood are running when the AC is on? I seem to have a intermitent problem with the passenger side fan that will not run all the time when the AC is on, it happens if I am not moving and idling causing my temperature gauge to slowly climb towards the hot mark (5 and 6 squares) and therfore the ECU begins to cut the AC compresor off. If I move and drive away temperature gauge drops and the AC cools as it should. I have not taken the time to replace the pasenger side fan motor yet and to see if that is my problem….one of these weekends.



    I also have a 2004 Quest SE with the glass panel roof which makes the van a very hot fish bowl. I have tinted the windows to the same % of the rest of the windows , which does help a little you may want to go darker. Also just had the a/c recharged for the 1st time in 6 years , which you did already, so the other thing you could do if you don’t do it already is keep it on recirculate most of the time , makes it blow colder.I noticed the a/c works better on hwy drives . The last thing I did was to get auto start and leave the a/c on so the van cools down somewhat before getting in.



    try changing or checking your in cab microfilter if vechicle is so equipt. ac was not as cold as normal,after changing,mine works normally again.



    I also have a 2004 Nissan Quest which I bought new and have noticed the AC not blowing super cold air during the summer. First off, I think the Quest’s HVAC wasn’t designed very well to begin with. It’s not terrible but can be better. The van has a large volume of cabin air that gets heated up and the Quest is one of the biggest minivan out there. There is so much materials inside the van that obsorb and radiate all that heat. The AC have to cool all that air and all the materials including the vents themself. I also own a 2008 Honda Odyssey and it does seem to have colder air coming from the vents.

    If you want to check if the AC is working, you need to take temperature reading directly out of the vents. Here is the thing you need to know about the AC. It’s rated to cool about 30F-35F below the outside ambient temperature. So if the outside temperature is 100F, then the vents will blow 70F. This doesn’t feel very cold in the 100F heat but that’s just how AC works. When I first got my van, I went to the dealer several times complaining of the AC not cold and they said everything is ‘within Nissan’s spec’. Unless your AC is truly broken, there is not much else you can do. Now this is the reason I started by saying the Quest could have been designed better, because some other cars can cool to 40F. I live in GA, so I know about the 95-100F heat with humidity.

    Here are couple of things you can try.
    1) install those window visors on the front side windows (made by Autoventshade – Advance Auto Parts store have good prices), so you can roll your front window 2-3″ to vent out some hot air when parked; also with these people can’t see your windows are opened slightly
    2) tint your front side windows is law allows; tinting doesn’t keep your car any cooler when parked, BUT it does help with blocking out the UV when you drive so once the car is cool down, it keeps your car a bit cooler
    3) when you get in the car, roll down your window to get some of those 100-150F hot air out of the car (do it for couple minutes)
    4) besides turning on the front vents, turn up your rear vents also to cool all that inside cabin air as quickly as possible (don’t forget to check to make sure those ceiling vents are actually opened)
    5) after couple minutes of setting the vent mode to the outside air blowing in, I switch it to recirculate or the MAX AC mode.

    The above are all the things I do daily, and I park my car uncovered at work everyday. When I get off work, I usually have to drive in my hot van for about 10 minutes before everything starts feeling comfortable. By the time I get home in about 30 minutes, my front and rear fan speed is set to 2.


    when turn on a/c you get cold air for about a min. You can here a switch move a flap in engine compartment and then you start getting hot air. I put a can of r-134
    in. Didn’t help.

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