04 ECU Pinout?

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    Looking for an ECU pinout for my 04 Quest SE aswell as where the ecu is located. I have a couple of digital gauges and possibly fuel controller i would like to take from my maxima before i sell it and install in my quest. Obviously not many people do “mods” so i didnt expect something like that to be easy to find. Anyone have what i need?

    Thanks in advance




    nevermind, downloaded the FSM from nicoclub and found what i needed in there 😉



    Can you post about what you do to the Quest?

    Like you said, modding on a Quest is unusual, so I would love to see what you do!



    I have an Injen cold air intake adapted from another 3.5VQ powered vehicle which fits great, SAFC NEO tuning device, Uprev Cipher which can log the stock widebands, i raised my base timing 2* which adds power, response and fuel milage etc and is awesome! Removed the huge muffler and two 90’s in the exhaust path and made it come straight out, installed HID kits in both high and low beams as well as fogs, i have aftermarket 19″ OZ wheels etc. I put together a remote mount turbo kit as i have on my maxima but decided i drive the quest on road trips too much and i dont want to have so many parts to potentially fail on those trips.

    Regardless of what people want to think all these mods added 4MPG to my normal commute as well as REALLY pepped up the power and TQ band which actually makes driving fun again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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