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    My wife and I just bought our ’04 Quest at the end of last year. It seems to be a fantastic vehicle. I love the fact that it’s an extremely spacious vehicle, yet handles like a car.

    Anyway, the one issue that continually happens, is a ‘hesitation’ when you give the van gas from a stop. The dealership cannot find anything wrong with it, of course…
    The only thing we can come up with is that if you are ‘meek’/slow with the gas, the van will hesitate. It’s as if the van wants you to really be aggresive with the gas. Kinda strange…

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is it a problem that anyone has found a resolution to?




    I’ve have a 2004 with the same problem. I’ve taken it in twice and got the same response both times. They can’t duplicate it, and it doesn’t seem to set off the check engine light. It seems to hesitate and you have to give it more gas than should be necessary to get it going. I thought it was just mine but maybe not.



    I have taken our 04 quest to two different dealers and both times they have not found anything to fix this problem. One dealer suggested that our gas cap wasn’t tight enough. This seemed to help a little but when it starts happening again we’ll have to take it in again.



    Is it possible that the cable is sticking or binding? You should be able to work it manually or have someone depress the gas while watching (engine off) look, listen and feel.



    We have had 2 different 04 Quests after buying the S model and then upgrading to the SE model. We have seen multiple problems with accelerating. The throttle body has been replaced twice in 18000 miles and the last time was last week. Today, my wife noticed slow acceleration and I am carrying this thing back to get it looked at again on Thursday. We loved our van until we started having problems. We have seen door panels having to be replaced twice and possibly third time for splitting and also, the gas needle is slow to come back up to full after filling it up. It took about 150 miles of interstate driving before the needle got all the way back up to full. Of course the dealership states that they have to see it and we live 50+ miles from there and with traffic, the needle goes back up. When these vehicles work, they are great, but once you start having problems, they seem to never end. We are actually reviewing lemon laws in this state now.

    Have been trying to get a response from NISSAN and their customer affairs people are the worst I have ever had to deal with!! We have spent about $80,000 on Nissan vehicles in the last 3-4 years and at this point, will never spend a single cent on another one!!!


    James Con

    I don’t think they have throttle cables isn’t it drive by wire.

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