04 Quest 3.5l SE keep dying

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    I don’t know what went wrong with my Quest van. Yesterday i went to do transmission fluid flush at Firestone. After they are done, i went to start the van. The van kept on dying unless i kept my foot on the gas pedal. Now every time i want to start the van i have to press the accelerator to keep it running. Please help.



    I’m assuming it operated properly prior to the transmission flush. If there is no “check engine” light on, I would have Firestone take a look at it



    I had something simular to what you had and it turned out to be a fuel pump. Some days it will work and some days it will not. When it was working I had to stump on the gas peddle to keep it running. But if you have alot of problems with your 2004 Quest van like mine, the best thing to do is contact the Nissan Consumer Affairs @ (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261) and complain about all your problems and the bad experience that you have had. Tell them that you bought Nissan because of good quality and because of the bad experience that you have been going through that you will not buy another Nissan again. Tell them that you have to go elsewhere for repairs because the Nissan Dealership is too expensive. Take all documents including bad Nissan Quest reviews from the internet. Print them up and say “explain to me about all these bad reviews and why these are happening with other Quest owners.” What Nissan will do is have you go to a Nissan dealership for them to look at it. Then Nissan service dept will contact the Nissan Consumer Affairs on what they can do to help you out. Whatever you do, don’t back down, talk to a manager weather if it’s Nissan dealership or Nissan Consumer Affairs. What they ended up doing for me was that they gave me an “Assistance.” Which means that Nissan ended paying for the repairs which turned out to be over $900 that I did not have to pay out of my pocket, since I have already gave them alot of my money due to repairs and etc. To fix a fuel pump they have to take out the gas tank to get to the pump.

    Another advise, when you have problems with your Quest, find out what is wrong and go to Amazon.com and order the parts. You can get free shipping for a month. I just found out that I needed rotors and brakes on all 4 wheels and would have cost me $150.00 per axle and $69.00 per rotor = $576.00. I ended up getting rear rotors for $9.08 a piece and front rotors for $29.00 and rear ceramic premium pads $12.00, front ceramic premium pads $14.00. Took it to a mom and dad shop and paid $50 per axle on labor = $202.16 total out of pocket. Sometimes Amazon.com will raise and lower prices, depending. Those rear rotors ended up at $23.00 4 days after I got them for $9.08 a piece. Now I got to put front lower left and right arm controls with ball joints and all these shops have to go to Nissan for parts for $290.00 a piece. Found out that I can get them through Amazon for $100.70 a piece. And the company that make the aftermarket parts are the same that they make for Nissan OE.

    I hope my advise will work for you, because my Nissan van has been a problem since day 1 and hope to keep it running for 1 more year unil I get a new vehicle.



    Yes it was working just fine.I went back to Firestone and they said no we did not do anything wrong so they suggested that i should do some tune-up and other things that i don’t even remember. Anyway I did some cleaning on the throttle body with carb cleaner and everything is back to normal. Thank you very much for advice.



    Any update?
    Also, since you have the 5 speed automatic, hope you had the correct Nissan transmission fluid….as any other will mess up this transmission, there are several TSB’s on this issue as well as a quick google search on the Nissan/Infiniti 5 speed will relay that same information.

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