04 Quest 4 speed, crank position sensor, emergency situation

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    I spent 2 hours looking over my sisters engine today looking for this sensor. Cannot find a Chilton or Haynes manual in this town. No dealership around here. Have called every parts house in the city (all 3 lol) and nobody knows where this sensor is. I have talked to a dozen people who all tell me it should be near the crankshaft or water pump. Someone else told me to take off the front passenger tire and remove the panel, and it’s right there. Someone else told me theirs was located on the top of the engine. So where is it on this van??? And please, if you know, please be specific. ‘On the back of the block’ doesn’t tell me much, cause I looked all over the back of the block. Unless the parts house sold us the wrong sensor, I see NOTHING that looks like this. Sister has a child who has to go see her surgeon Monday, we have to fix this thing NOW. I need help!!!

    PS… before someone asks (like I saw on another post asking this question) ;why do you need to change the sensor?’ Um, cause it’s not working 😉 She was having rough starts, dying in intersections, and drove it 75 miles to a dealership, and THEY told her the sensor was going bad. They said when it went out completely, it would not start, but just tick like if the starter was out. Well, that’s what has now happened.

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