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    When we bought our first ’04 Quest SE back in ’03, I was searching online for a rear wing to complement the back end. (Overall I love the Quests styling, but it looks unfinished at the rear roof line.) I found a spoiler (with a pic) for the ’04 Quest and it looked good (not great, but good). I took the step to buy it…

    Fast forward to today. We have another Quest, and in looking for the spoiler online I have come up empty handed. No images, nothing.
    So my question is…does anyone know of a rear wing/spoiler for the 04+ Quest?

    If someone would make a wing for the Quest that looks like the Nissan Sport Concepts wing…we’d have a homerun on our hands!!
    (I’ll post a pic if someone can give me a little help figuring out how to post a pic on this topic.)



    Im also trying hard to find a close fit spoiler from other cars, If you find one let me know, and if I find Ill post it also.



    I too would like to get a nice wing for my Quest but like everyone or well most everyone here we all have the same thing in common… FAMILYS! Wife and kids! ..and like some of you guys out there she WILL NOT let me get a wing for my Quest says it’s not in the budget.(Kids need shoes.. BLAH BLAH BLAH) I’m lucky she let me get some rims for it! I guess there is a reason why they don’t make too many aftermarket parts for vans. Who’s going to buy them? it’s not a Mustang GT! a good (Single man’s car) Maybe some of you guys are lucky enough to have a wife thats cool with you blowing money on your vans. Mine is the bank!! lol



    i am looking for nissan quest rear spoiler but i coodant find it so can you help me thanks



    Perhaps nismo makes some? If not, I’m sure they’d whip up a design for you, even though it might not fit into your budget. 😛

    You could always go to home depot and get some fiberglass kits and make your own, if you like weekend projects. You’ll get the benefit of having a 100% original wing, too.

    Consider looking for wings made for other minivans, then fitting them to your quest. Again, it may be out of your budget, but there are a lot of Japanese aftermarket parts makers that make nice spoilers for JDM vans that you could modify. I would Suggest looking for wings intended for the Nissan Elgrand, Toyota Estima, or Toyota Alphard/Vellfire.

    (Sorry for this huge topic bump…)

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