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    Hopefully I can describe this accurately. Here are the symptoms…

    – Car is hard to start, cranks a few times, then kicks in at low RPM, giving it gas usually helps, sometimes not. Always starts within 5 seconds. But sounds like it’s having problems.
    – When at rest gas peddle will suddenly stop working entirely. No amount of pressure will get the car moving. Just sits there.
    – putting the car into neutral, giving it some gas and then putting it back into drive works 90% of the time.
    – Car NEVER (yet anyway) stalls when moving and flooring the gas results in major jump in power – basically no issues while moving.
    – Ticking noise near glove compartment while starting. (relay?)
    – Rear gate and side doors fail to open about 50% of the time when car is off. manually moving the door, kicks in the automatic door motor and it shuts from that point,
    – Air conditioning blower is noticeably less powerful (50% less) while idle and turning off air will increase chance that gas peddle will work once it stops.
    – MPG according to computer is horrible – around 10-12MPG and has been for quite some time (possibly unrelated as car was acting fine besides crappy MPG) just thought I’d mention it.

    We’re moving from Texas to Washington state on the first. My worry is that this is ECM. With the expense of moving I’m not sure if I should pay for the diag and possibly expensive repair or tow it and worry about it once we get there. I’m quickly running out of money to put into to this with a huge moving expense looming.

    The battery is approx 2 years old. I JUST had the struts replaced (this happened immediately following this) as one on front pass side collapsed. Also had oil filter o-ring and serpentine belt replaced. There was a fairly large oil leak at the o-ring and oil was everywhere inside engine compartment in that general area – and on our driveway.

    Initially I thought it was the serpentine belt as it was squealing for quite some time now. Figured the alternator was slipping. Then I thought fuel pump, but there is absolutely no issues once it gets going – flooring at highway speed is the same as before issues, plenty of pep… I’m now thinking bad alternator, but I’m confused why the engine is cutting out as I don’t see how that could affect it… If I do a battery swap and it’s not that, I can’t return it and would be out $80+.

    I really appreciate any help you guys can supply…



    Any update?
    My guess would be a rusted ECM shorting out.

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