05 HItch bolts

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    I have an 05 – I got a used hidden hitch but did not come with the bolts. Could someone let me know what size is used for this.




    Would seem I have an unconfirmed answer – my brothers mechanic says 12mm but the thread count unkown. Stopped into the Nissan dealer last night and he show me one off an old Quest – looks like the thread is 1.25. Not sure how this thread #ing works but the more coarse thread is a 1.75 as I found those at homedepot last night and there is also a 1.50 thread as per the bolt/nut sizing display.

    M12 – 1.25

    I my quest for the Quest bolts continues – I have 2 possible sources – a local trailer dealer and or Brafasco(larger nuts and bolt dealer).

    I will post my findings later for those that may need in the future.



    eTrailer.com sells a kit for the Quest that uses:

    12mm x 1.25 x 35mm, grade 8.8
    with serrated conical washers
    Torque spec is 76 ft-lb

    For the Nissan Tundra, the bolt kit is a little beefier:

    12mm x 1.25 x 40mm, grade 10.9
    with serrated conical washers
    Torque spec is 100 ft-lb

    You can get them from the dealer, or U-Haul, a (good) hardware store, or a fastener company like Fastenal.com.

    Don’t forget that you’ll need a Modulite Power Module:
    P/N 119146 (bare bones, you splice the wires)
    P/N 118469 (has connectors that you plug inline)

    And put a 20A fuse in under the hood in the “Trailer Tow” slot.

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