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    brake job, i’m always told that they need to turn the rotors, when i get it back i get vibration while braking, strong smell of brakepads, i bring it back and they say oh we had to “balance the wheels”, vibration is gone but now i hear a faint repeating sound when i apply the brakes, like scrcch-scrrch-scrcch, i figure i can live with it considering all the time i’ve wasted getting is serviced, live with it for a while and then next brake job comes around or vibration returns, repeat cycle

    this has happened 3 times and the cycle is always the same, minimum 2 visits to the dealer if not 3, and on this last service i swear it seems like the parking brake is dragging, my mpg has mysteriously gone down .1

    eventually i think they will tell me i need new rotors, i think these issues are manageable but extremely annoying, there are many Quest owners with far greater issues

    this is really the only thing that goes wrong with the van on a regular basis, anyone have a similar experience?

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