07 Quest Hard Shifting after rebuilt no Cel lights. Crazy jerking please help

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    Hello all MY name is Samira, I will keep this short and to point.
    I have 07 Nissan Quest SE. Got the transmission and engine overhauled by my mechanic (decent mechanic not a transmission specialist) They opened up the transmission seals were leaking oil so they put on brand new Seals and He Showed me convertor which was bad and we replaced that aswell.

    Picked up the car couple days ago and this is whats it have done to me.
    when the car is normal temperature it shifts fine for couple minutes . after the temperature comes to hot I have notice that it gave a hard shift . I tried to put the car in reverse from neutral and it have a small delay (normal then usual) to in reverse. when i move from Reverse to Drive It gives a hard Shift. No Cel lights were on when i was bringing it back home. I noticed that when I bring Van to lower Gears that it starts from 2nd gear it wont go into First once you move the Shifter all the way low (Not sure if that’s normal it should start from 1st Gear I assume) if I hit the gas pedal normal it revs very high going from 2nd 2 3rd Gear and it drives normal .

    Then what I diagnosed is from a complete stop if I hit the gas pedal harder it shifts normal from 2nd to 3rd and so forth and Van Fly but if I use the gas pedal as normal driving it revs again from lower gears to higher.

    AS soon as I got home I made a pit stop turned the car off came back and it was not starting . it started after 2-3 tries and i can see no power in engine but after hitting gas pedal couple times it was back to normal but now the Check Engine light came on. also in the same time frame I notice shifting was smooth no high Revs in shifts and when i put in or from Reverse it shifts normal….

    Anyone have an Idea what to look for . I live in Miami and seems like every mechanic shop big or small just try to Rip me off some how and being a single mother Its hard for me to now trust anyone.

    I have done extensive search on Internet and I get mix opinions from some Sensors might be a fix to Motor Mounts needs to be replaced and I even read clutch being bad.

    Any suggestions will be great I have an awesome Mechanic from over 15 years who is a basic mechanic but he is very good in getting knowledge and if I tell him to look at specific items and fix this He does that Very well and I never have problems with him. IF there’s something he don’t know how to fix he tells me honestly.

    Please help
    thanks in advance and God bless.



    well you said the cel turned on, so that’s the first thing to find out what the code is. i suggest you go back to your mechanic. he probably cleared the code when he handed it back to you the first time. But being a female it’s hard to trust anyone in the car repair business thats for sure. the only way is to take up wrenching … Ask your male friends who know a thing or two about transmission or even someone who knows of a reputable transmission shop nearby. It could be something as simple as plugging the wrong solenoid connectors or a problem with one of the three solenoids. Check this video for what I mean https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=das2i6eIPRc go to 9:50

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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