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    How many of you actually use premium fuel in your 07 Quests? Nissan recommends premium fuel. Has anyone tried both? Was there a difference between the two?

    Did a search for ‘premium’ and nothing came up. Thanks!



    Quest can use different grade of gas. Premium tend to increase HP of about 5-10.Come on, save your money, use regular gas.V1



    I started out using regular, but I like the extra horsepower bump using premium. After getting used to paying $3+ a gallon for a time there, I no longer worry about the extra $.20 a gallon or so premium costs. I just write it off to the expense of driving such a nice rig 🙂 The one thing I haven’t tried I’d like to hear about is the middle grade fuel. Anyone compared those?



    I try both gas Regular & Premium…and never note the difference, only in my pocket paying extra few dollars per tank..the same happens when wash the Minivan..feel is quicker..but is only that we are feeling better.

    Don’t waste you money!! use Regular Gas how said our mate voyagerone.



    I was skeptical about claims of better mileage but after trying mid-grade gas I’m convinced. My mileage jumped from a consistent average of 19.5 to about 22.5. Now we use Costco premium. It’s cheaper than regular at most other gas stations around here.



    Well, I tried premium fuel just to test and I have to say it DOES make a difference (in my opinion). The engine does not make as much noise when accelerating and it feels smoother. In addition, my mpg went up a couple of tenths according to the onboard trip computer thing. Anyway, seems worth it for the engine noise decrease alone. Cheers!



    I agree, I found no real differences in performance or consumption. What a scam!!!

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