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    Hey all,
    I’ve got an ’07 Quest SE w/120k, it used to be my wife’s DD….now it’s mine.
    I’m noticing my front end seems really loose….my tire wear is still ok, so the alinement seems good…car tracks ok too. It’s just when you hit a little bump in the road, the entire steering system seems loose.



    Check wheel/hub bearings. We had good tread wear and on corners noticed a vibration and seemed loose. Jacked it up and tried to wiggle the tire top to bottom with no luck so looked at other things. Eventually ripped the front wheels and brakes off. Spun hub bearing and it did not feel right. Removed it all together and yep the bearing was bad.
    Bought two bearings (driver and passenger) but only had to do the passenger so have a new timken bearing sitting here.



    Just checked mine…Driver side bearing seems to have some play…how hard is it to change?



    Not sure how hard but my (non Nissan) tech said about an hour for each side. So my guess is a max of 3 hours if doing both sides (for the shop). Maybe a learning curve if you DIY.

    I bought the Timken (spend a few extra dollars for quality) hubs off of Amazon and had them installed on both sides for about $400+tax, total.

    Mine had NO play but made a “wah wah” noise. Was louder on the DS so we did it first. No improvement. Looked at everything under it and still couldn’t see what was wrong. Took it for a drive and then the tech and I switched seats and drove it again. We both said it was louder on the driver’s side BUT, there was a bit of vibration more prominent on the passenger side. Since I had the part, I said…do it.

    I honestly wasn’t confident it was the problem. But no more noise!!!

    I don’t know when this problem started as I thought it was always loud compared to a Buick sedan. Maybe a long time, maybe less than 10,000 miles. I just changed them at 79,000.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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