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    As a mechianic for over 30 years. I told my sister I would replace the water pump on her 1993 Quest.

    So I will attempt to you the people of this site how it is done.

    1. You will need to remove the battery cables.
    2. Jack up your Quest and proceed to take off the belts.
    3. Remove all belts. There will be 3 belts.
    4. Now you have to proceed to remove the timing belt cover. These bolts are
    meteric. They are hard to get to, since the engine was place on the frame
    before the body of the van was placed on.
    5. You will need to take off the serpentine pulley with bracket.
    6. Now you have to take off the pulley that sits on the crankshaft. One bolt which
    is a 1 and 1/16 socket. You will not need a pulley puller. Even though you
    will see two holes in the pulley. Just tap on the pulley and it will fall off.
    7. Now you can get to the water pump. Take off the water pump. You will need
    a size 12 metric socket. There will be six bolts. Remember the order do to
    the fact that one bolt hold on the bracket for the serpentine pully.
    8. Replace the water pump and use sealer on the gasket.
    9. Now you have to put on the timing belt cover. I would start with the bottom
    plate and insert the top bolts first then work your way down. Now insert the
    top plate for the timing belt. Install the bolts from the bottom of the top
    plate first working your way up.
    10. Now install your serpentine pulley with bracket.
    11. Install your crankshaft pulley.
    12. Now install your belts.
    13. Place your water with coolent in the radiator.
    14. Your good to go.

    My thoughts on the work I did.

    I am a certified mechanic. I would tell anybody after 4 days of serious labor to really think the van is even worth it.

    The pump is only $24.00 with a $5.00 core charge.

    If I new what I was getting into I wouldn’t have told my sister that I would have done this type of work.

    Best solution is to pull the engine. That is if your van is even worth it.

    If your van isn’t worth it, junk the van and buy a new car.

    As I said I am a retired certified mechanic. I do have my own garage and take on side jobs on a daily basis.

    I will not take on any cars where you have to remove a timing belt cover. It was the last water pump I will install on a car with a water pump on the side of the engine.

    This job took me over 32 hours. I had the right tools and a garage with a lift.

    If your run into to this problem, I would not take it on again.

    It is more than obvious that Ford again with Nissan was trying to take out a back yard mechanic. Now this is coming from a Certified Mechanic.

    Do yourself a favor do not even attempt this kind of work.

    I have a 1970 charger with hemi motor that I restored from the frame up and is in mint condition. I also have a 1968 firebird in mint condition.

    Thanks for reading.



    You forgot to tell how this repair is accessed through removing the right wheel well wall. This job should not be 32 hours of work, I replaced my timing belt, tensioner, water pump, thermostat on my 96 Quest over 2 days-about 20 hours of work and I am an amatuer mechanic. Tip – keep each bolt removed in order to replace it where it came from, mark a piece of cardboard and punch holes to keep each timing cover bolts in there place since some are different.

    I replaced my belt at 150k miles, and hope not to have to do it again. As these vans get older the remaining life is alsways decreasing so it does get less economic to do this work. But don’t be too afraid of it.

    David 96Q 195k

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