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    Hello Everyone,
    Short story, I bought my first Quest a few weeks back. Its a 95 and it has what I hope are minor issues.
    The check engine light (CEL) is coming on while driving about 40-45 mph, and going off again once the van is driven @ 55+ for a couple of miles. Anytime the CEL is on, the transmission has a very hard shift from 1st to 2ND and 2ND into 3rd. Once the CEL goes off, the trans returns to a normal shifting pattern.

    Anyway, I was going to check and see if there were any codes stored, but I can’t locate the diagnostic connection. I understand that this van is pre-OBDll, and as such, it doesn’t have the required standardized diagnostic connection, but didn’t the OBDl systems have a some type of diagnostic access points as well?

    Thanks in advance for any pointers on where a guy can hook up a scan tool on this vehicle.



    It is under the dashboard at the driver side. Normally at the dashboard edge. You can alsl take to Autozone. They can read the code for you, it is FREE.



    Thanks for the reply.
    Unfortunately, for many, there’s no Autozone here. The parts stores that are here can’t read the codes on a pre OBDll system.
    I must say that I have checked every and any place that I could see under the dash, and with the exception of some type of after market alarm connection, there’s nothing that even looks close to being a diagnostic connection. I am suspicious of a connection located at the bottom of the fuse panel. Any ideas what that connection is for?

    I did read that there’s a plug, or plugs (article was not clear on this) that were located near the starter? By jumping a couple of wires in the plug, or plugs, and then turning the ignition on and then off, and then disconnecting the jumper, and re-connecting the plug, or plugs, the codes could be read by counting the blinks of the CEL when the ignition was turned back on?

    This all seemed a little far fetched to me. First, I couldn’t find any wires, or connections near the starter in the area shown in the drawing that was in the article. Secondly. I find it very hard believing that this method is used by the R&D guys and the dealer service departments for retrieving the codes. But who knows, maybe it is the proper way of finding the codes.

    Also, I have determined that the transmissions hard shifting and the CEL light coming on really aren’t related as I first thought they were. However, some times the trans will return to normal shifting if the ignition is cycled. Bad ground somewhere?

    Anyway,somewhere on that van there must be a port. Its a 95, and diagnostic ports had been around a long time when that van was built. Heck, some 95 models already had the OBDll systems installed. I would have thought that since the Quest is tied to Ford the connection would have been under the hood on the drivers side inner fender. If it is, they did a most excellent job of concealing it.

    Oh well, I seldom drive it, so I guess I’ll just live with it the way it is. I suppose that sooner or later something will fail. Heck of a way to go about fixing things.

    Thanks for reading my rant, I now return you to normal forum usage.



    When connector is apart:

    —-/ . —- (White/Red)
    —-/ . —- (Yellow)
    —-/ (Blue/White). —- (Grey/Blue)

    connect —-/ (Blue/White) —- (Grey/Blue) for two seconds and count the flashes )slow, then the fast ones)
    connect —-/ (Blue/White) —- (Grey/Blue) for two seconds to reset the computer.

    Codes are: http://www.troublecodes.net/Nissan/88-9495pthqust.shtml

    Hope it helps someone!




    The connector that is located at the bottom of the fuse box is the connector for Nissan Consult. That is the Nissan’s proprietary diagnistics computer.

    The generic diagnostic port is near the starter in the engine compartment. However, it is not a plug what you are looking for. The connectors are called F28 and E30. These are used to switch from diagnostics mode I to mode II.

    To access diagnostics mode I:

    1. Switch to ON (Do not start engine)
    2. Wait for Check Engine Light (CEL) to come on
    3. Start engine
    4. Read CEL code: count the long and short blinks. Long blinks are tens and shorts are decimans. Example: three longs and two shorts is “32”

    To access diagnostics mode II you have to disconnect then make a jumper between terminals (a) in E30 to (b) in F28. Here is the procedure:

    1. Switch to ON (Do not start engine)
    2. Disconnect connectors E30 anf F28
    3. Jump terminals (a) in E30 with (b) in F28
    4. Wait at least 2 seconds
    5. Remove jumper and reconnect E30/F28
    6. Read CEL code

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