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    New owner of a 1995 Quest & a new forum member that’s in need of wiring information for the factory AM/FM Cassette Stereo system.
    This is a base model Quest without the rear radio controls. The radio has most functions. It powers on, display works, presets work. But there are 2 issues, no sound, and the tuner doesn’t stop on any stations.

    I have verified that the pre-amp is working.

    The wiring diagrams that I have seen show either a black, or a black / light green wire as the ground. The harness in this Quest does not have either of those wires? As best as I can tell, radio is being grounded through the antenna. The radio will no longer power on if the antenna is disconnected.

    Am I missing some thing, or is using the antenna as a ground source not a good thing?

    Previous owner said the radio quit working for about a year at one point, then it started working again and worked for about another year before it quit again. The intermittent functioning makes me think there’s a wiring problem?

    Anyone ever hear of, or run across a problem such as this where the radio makes no sound at all? I really would rather not try installing an after market system.

    Thanks for any tips or ideas.

    Oh… does anyone know why there are 2 antennas in this van? It has the fender mounted antenna and another antenna in the windshield? Each antenna has its own port in the radio. Can’t say that I’ve ever seen this before, not that that means anything.
    Thanks again.

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