1996 Villager Front Heater Core Question

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    I have a 1996 Villager with a manufacture date of 12/96 and the front heater core started leaking. I removed the heater core and am replacing it with one obtained from a very good condition 1995 Villager “Nautica” edition (whatever that means) with a recent heater core replacement less than 8K miles ago. The manufacture date on the 95 was 07/96.

    Upon replacing the heater core, I noticed the 95’s Heater core has a “Shut Off” Valve on the core itself which hooks to a arm that leads to a servo/knob like most older Nissans Ive worked on. However, mine (the leaking one from the 12/96) does not have a shut-off valve of any kind, and it appears that the only way it gets cold ambient air into the cabin is by moving a door and blocking the heater core itself, meaning the core always has coolant running through it. Other than that, the heater cores appear identical.

    Has anyone else ever noticed that?

    I installed the heater core anyways, just leaving the shut off valve in the OPEN position.

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