1998 Nissan Quest heater – front and back not working

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    I am in Indiana it is 23 degrees here HELP

    My heater is not working (front and back)
    Blower not coming on at all (trying to but nothing) (front and back)
    Replaced: resistor (old one fell apart in my hands)
    Checked: fuses look good.

    What next, I will be doing the job myself…..money is extremely tight……



    Here is a link to the 1998 service manuals. You should find what you need in there.

    Also, check this site for the fix for the rear blower not working. I followed the procedure to remove the controller and re-solder the rear motor relay and that was the problem for me.

    Good luck



    I have the very same problem. Were you able to fix it and if so, what did you do?



    Thank you for the link to the service manual. I followed the procedures. Fan, resistor and relay all work. Fuses are good. The control unit has power. A/C compressor engages when activated. At this point I can only conlude it’s something inthe control unit. Do you agree?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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