1998 Quest Minivan..hard to start, jecks when put in reverse

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    Took my 98Quest to a mechanic for KnockSensor repalcement. Car ran fine before going to him, it just fialed inspection because the engine light and code said knock sensor and O2sensor in bay1. Got it back ran hard, knock and backfire and dropdead and would not come back on until it was cool. 18months later found knock sensor had not been replaced as people have tried to troubleshoot it the following have been replaced and it has barely 212miles on the following parts,battery, started, alternator, 02senors in bay1 and 2, fuelfilter, fule pump, mass airflow sensor, ignition controlo module, distributer cap, distributor, knock sensor, catalytic converters. I have 130k miles on it. It purrs now, but it will still drop dead, the horn will go off when I am driving and I must pull over park and put key in the door to disengage alarm, It jecks no when I put it in reverse, it never did that, the engine light went off for about 4days then came back on, the last code read was O2sensor in bay1 but it is brand new, the other day it stoped and when the mechanic put his meter on it to read the codes, it will not give a read at all. What on earth?! I cannot afford another car, nor to take it to a dealer mechanic, my new mechanic is stumped. Any ideas, as to what would cause this problem. It really never gave me any trouble until the 1st mechanic messed with it. Also where is the master control module found?

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