1999 Nissan Quest

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    We just purchased a 1999 Nissan Quest – and was wondering where we could purchase an Owners Manual for it —- and how the Audiovox TV/DVR player works — the power light comes on – we can insert the DVR – but nothing happens.



    You have to tune the TV to either channel 3 or 4, or use the channel scan button on the TV while the DVR is playing. I haven’t used my DVR in years. By the way, I have been planning on replacing the CRT TV to an LCD screen and replace the DVR for a Western Digital Live TV (that operates @12V) with a laptop hard drive (no power needed). I have them both tested already at home. I just need to remove the central console and start doing the modifications.



    you can get a free pdf file from the nissan site


    that same link has an 800 to buy the paper version

    but i know it’ll be too much

    find one cheaper on eBay (i just saw one for $10 with free shipping)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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