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    I have a 1999 Quest with 165,000 miles. I took a short trip of 18 miles without issue. After a three (3) hour stay, the engine cranks normally but will not start. I noticed a strong smell of gas while trying to start so I figured gas was getting to the engine. It acts like it’s getting no spark whatsoever. After some research on the web, it sounded like a new distributor would solve all problems (especially since the coil is integrated into the distributor). So I installed a new distributor and it still doesn’t start.

    So what now? I figure I will pick up a spark detector to see if spark is actually there. And a friend said that a defective fuel pump could cause the same issue. I smelled gas the first day (but did not smell gas after that) so maybe it is a fuel pump problem. What is the best way to test a fuel pump?

    I should probably see if I can borrow a code reader to see if any codes are reported.

    I’m on this forum looking for any ideas on what else could be causing the engine not to start and how to proceed. Thank you in advance for any ideas, thoughts, or help you can provide.



    You are going in the right direction, check for spark and fuel supply.



    An engine no start can be from numerous culprits. Obviously check for any engine codes first (as you stated above). A defective fuel pump can still pump gas to the engine, the pressure will just be extremely low or the fuel pressure regulator can fail, and cause instant bleed back to the tank. Also check the rotor before your buy a distributor, they are mostly plastic and can sometimes brake or get deformed.

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    It turned out to be the timing belt. If nothing else works out, try that. (Note: fairly expensive)



    Replace the timing belt every 105K miles as recommended in the service manual.

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