1999 Quest – TV/VCR Combo Not Functioning

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    We just bought our 99 Quest and the console is not powering on, TV or VCR. I’ve heard that these media consoles were not shipped from the factory but a lot were put in these vans in 99- we tested a few out over the weekend that had identical consoles. It must have been relatively common.

    – I’m trying to figure out what fuse to test for this (under the hood or by the steering column?).
    – Also, there was a cord we found in the glove box with a male cigarette lighter adapter on one end and an AC adapter on the other. The cord is somewhat heavy duty so it doesn’t look like it was for just any old random accessory the previous owner had in the vehicle.



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    The TV/VCR console is fed by a power cord that is located at the driver side of the console in the left back bottom. When you are seated at the driver seat, look down at your right. It is in the back of the console but toward the front of the car.

    If you see the female plug and no cable, then you need a cable.

    If the plug is there, they might have ran the cable under the carpet, follow the cable until you find the fuse.



    … that’s one of those power inverters to power up a laptop, phone charger, etc. something small that you normally plug into your home outlet…

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