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    We have a 1999 Quest that we purchased a fews weeks ago. We only have one key fob for it and are needing another one. We were out the other day and my husband (who does not have a fob) went to unlock the door and the alarm went off. It always goes off if the doors have been locked and a key is placed in the door without using the key fob to unlock it. This “security system” in turn locks down the engine so that it can not be started and there is no hope unless you have the key fob to turn it off. We ended up having to pull the theft/security fuse. However, this is tied into the locks and with the fuse pulled you can not use the locks at all.

    so, I have a couple of questions:
    1) Is there a way to by-pass this option (security system) and be able to use just the key fob and locks and be able to use the regular just key to open the door?

    2)Has anyone ever purchased a remote? Is it easy to program on your own? I have read about some key fobs that they have to be taken in to be programmed on some autos. I just would like to know if anyone has successfully programmed their remote or if there is a way of telling before I purchase the remote if I have to have it at the dealer or not.

    thanks for the help!



    I would not recommend by-passing the security system. In regards to buying a new key fob, you can find many in ebay. There is a procedure to program your security system to respond to the new key fob. Some of the key fob sellers in ebay will offer you to include the programming procedure. That’s an easy task.

    In reagards to the alarm going off when using the key, you will have to check the door locks from the inside an verify all wire connections in the lock.


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