2000 Nissan Quest -Alternator Good but NEW battery always loses charge?

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    If I leave any of my car doors open for longer than 3 minutes my battery losses charge and I have to get a jump to get the car started.

    I took it to my mechanic and he is baffled. He sold me a new battery and gave me 2nd new one for free when that didn’t work. He tells me he checked the alternator and it is good.
    After using up all my AAA visits I finally bought one of those portable jump starters, but this is infuriating.

    Once I start it up the battery will charge but God forbid a door is open a crack or I listen to a song on the radio without the engine running.

    If I do then I’m back to jumping the vehicle.

    Any clues would be greatly appreciated



    I’ve had the same experience and also bought a booster to get me started once the battery drains. It seems to take about 10-15 minutes for mine to go dead if I leave a door open. A real pain when loading for a trip. I tried turning off the interior lights (there is a switch on the dash to do this), but that didn’t change anything.
    I’ve got a new battery and will see if that makes any difference, but I’m not hopeful.



    I forgot to mention, mine is a 2004 Quest so the problem has been around for a while.

    I’ve had the same experience and also bought a booster to get me started once the battery drains. It seems to take about 10-15 minutes for mine to go dead if I leave a door open. A real pain when loading for a trip. I tried turning off the interior lights (there is a switch on the dash to do this), but that didn’t change anything.
    I’ve got a new battery and will see if that makes any difference, but I’m not hopeful.



    My Quest is a 2007( purchased 07/06) and in the last few weeks I’ve experienced the same problem. I did put the battery on the charger last weekend and was able to restitue all of its power. Personally, I believe that the cranking amp of the battery isn’t enough.Idon’t know if the constant use of AC here in Fl is too large of a load for the alternator to sustain its task to recharge the battery, or the recent addition of fog light is the cause. Someone who is more knowledgeable in electricity might enlighten us.



    Thanks so much for acknowledging you are going through something similar.

    I still haven’t solved it and I just bought my second “Husky” jump start device. ( they wear out if you use them a lot – and i do)

    I keep talking to friends about it. People have suggested disabling the door sensors. Can that be done?
    That seems like fixing the symptom and not the problem.

    COBRA : My Quest is a 2000 and does not have fog light so I don’t think that is the problem.

    The solution to they mystery lies somewhere in the fact that the battery and alternator seem fine.

    Question?,…..What could be draining the battery if the lights are not on and the doors are closed?

    I have looked for patterns but I can’t detect one.

    Last week it started up fine for five days in a row. The last two days I’ve had to jump start it three times

    Yes Gawami it is a great pain in the ass. You said it usually takes 10- 15 minutes, My experience is “it gets worse”

    I’m a Handyman and I have to start up the car every time I open the vehicle to find a tool. It’s ridiculous!

    I really like my Quest but this is driving me crazy
    Please help to solve this mystery




    We have a 2004 SE that I just had to put our 3rd battery in it. I took into a local dealership here in atl, 5 times in two weeks after the jumping became a multiple times per day affair. Finally after the vehicle cut off in traffic (electrical) I went and changed the 1 yr old battery and the car is working fine…..so far. I do believe however that there is something in the electrical killing the batteries after all this is the 3rd new battery in 3 yrs! It had gotten to the point where we would drive the car get out and get back in 3 mins later and the car wouldn’t start.



    As you know I started to have battery problems a few weeks ago, so what I ended up doing this weekend is a few sessions on the battery charger. I got the idea to pop up the battery cover and saw to my dismay that the water level was approx 2″ below acceptable level after verifying in the owner’s manual.Got the proper level of distilled water in, let it sit for a while, back on the charger and went to Nissan dealer monday am. The service guy didn’t seem to think that there were any regular water level checks on those batteries(they’re supposed to be maintenace free he said although there is no such mention on it as in other vehicle like my wife’s Corolla), despite the fact that it is clearly mentionned in the 07′ owner’s manual to do so. It is not in their regular maintenance to check as for all other fluids unless the customer request it, he said. It turned out after the inspection that the battery was at fault and got a new one put in and a 50$ deductible on top of that.It got me thinking after reading blogs on different websites that among other brands, Nissan doesn’t have good track record for battery longevity. Perhaps if the water level was checked on a regular basis especially down South, and maintenance free batteries were used this topic would have never came up.
    PS before opening the battery cap or adding water …just be careful,it’s acid, you might want a mechanic to take a look into it so you don’t get injured.



    While getting an oil change a few months ago, our ’04 needed a jump to start. Never had a problem before, but took the car to AutoZone and determined that the battery had a bad cell. As this happened after 3 1/2 years and almost 60,000 miles, I don’t think it was out of line.



    I have a 2001 with the same problem, only it takes 15 mins of watching a movie to kill it. Note to self- dont watch any movies while camping. Maybe I should run a second battery if there is room? Or a solar trickle charger??? Any other solutions?

    sound chronic



    I have a 2001 Nissan Quest that was having the same problem as many of the previous posts. What I found is that the alternator is not able to handle the electrical load of the vehicle at low RPMS such as when you are idling or driving in city traffic. Insufficent output from the alternator in turn causes the system to draw from the battery keeping it at a low charge level. My Nissan owners manual warns against idling for extended periods of time as it will cause this problem. The simplest solution I found is if you idle regularly cutoff some of the load(ie.. a/c, radio, video system etc….)Another possibility is to find an aftermarket alternator that has a higher output rating. I simply keep my cables and battery terminals free from corrosion and idle as little as possible or as previously stated cut down the load if a I am stuck in traffic. Hope this helps ….


    I just purchased this 2000 Quest from my son-in-law. He had no problem with the battery because he only opened the doors with a key. As soon as I began using the remote to open and lock the vehicle, the battery started going dead in the morning.
    Apparently he was only using the keys bacause he had the same problem, that is the security system. I have not had time to get into this but I think the security system is not functioning properly and is responsible for the power drain. Give this some thought.



    I have the nissan quest 2005, 6 month ago the battery died and I just change the battery to a new acdelco 24F60 and use it for 5-6 months now, but every time when I left it not to move for 2-3 days the battery cannot start the car, now I buy the battery charger and try to find the root cause, I charge the battery back to 12.6v and check the alternator it is 14.6v, start the car ok and what I am doing now is to measure the current drain when nothing is turn on, it is 460mA, if I take out all the fuses, I still have 40mA, some people say if it is 50mA or less is normal, but 460mA sound high to me, the one that I am question is the audio and something call battery saver. What should I do? any suggestion.



    Something like this happened to my Nissan Quest 2000.

    Condition: when the Battery is fully loaded.

    First of all, you need to check if an electric current spends the battery power. With an ammeter set between terminal and battery’s terminal check the amps when no lamps are on, afterward ask somebody to open the doors and lights are on.

    You see variation? You see amps when electric current is flowing when lights spend energy.

    Now, if everything is turn off and you see amps flowing then the car has a short-circuit somewhere.
    (Technical help necessary)

    If you don’t see amps when everything is off and then you open the door, the lights are turn on, and you see low fractions of amps is ok. If this happens, then you need to charge your battery for a long term method, I mean, slow charge for 6 or 12 hours.

    After I did do this my Quest is running fine and I can leave the lights on and radio for many hours.




    I own a Nissan Navara and I can say I never had such a problem with the car. The problem you have is very stressful to be honest – I couldn’t handle it like that – advice: sell it!



    Battery Light started blinking and eventually stayed on continuous. Later the vehicle slowed until I turned off a/c. It limped along until it eventually died. Charged battery and this sequence happened again. How do I know for certain whether it’s the alternator or just battery? One thing I did to troubleshoot was remove battery terminal and engine died. This is usually indicates bad alternator but couldn’t determine that by the posts online.

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