2000 Nissan Quest Radiator Cooling Fan not working properly

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    I have a 2000 Nissan Quest that I have been driving a few years now.
    It recently started showing signs of overheating however not always.
    I have a Scangauge that I leave plugged into the OBDI port to monitor the stats .
    The coolant temperature is one that I monitor.
    My van only has one cooling fan.
    What I have noticed through my diagnosing of the issue is the cooling fan is not coming on however when I turn the AC on the cooling fan will come on and run for 3 seconds , turn off for 10 seconds then turn back on for 3 seconds then back off for 10 seconds.
    With the AC on the fan will continue with that same cycle of off and on.
    Each time the fan cycles on and off I hear a click from the fan relays.

    When the AC is on the AC compressor continues to run just as it is supposed to while the cooling fan cycles on and off.

    I have removed the coolant temperature sensor and cleaned it, removed the 3 relays ” they were factory from Nissan and glued in” and also checked the wiring plug that plugs into the fan.

    No change in anything.

    I have ordered a brand new temperature sensor , 3 new relays , and radiator fan motor in order to start the process of elimination once I have all of the parts in one place.

    The van has been sitting for 2 days with the negative battery post off in hope that the ECM and ECU do a reset while I am awaiting parts arrival.

    Hopefully I will have all of the parts tomorrow and start by replacing the temperature sensor first .

    Has anyone here had the same issue with a 2000 Nissan Quest single fan cooling system ?

    Thank You,




    My fan not working put hot wire to motor works fine
    Relay or fuse link? Need help plz



    I have my cooling fan issue fixed.

    I replaced the temperature sensor and that did not fix it.

    I then tested all 3 of the cooling fan relays. They were all good.

    I tested the cooling fan motor and it was good.

    What it came down to was one fuse that was bad and undetected.

    I changed that fuse and now all is well!

    Motor heats up to 200* – 202^ then the cooling fan turns on and cools the coolant temperature down to around 185* then the coolant fan turns back off until the temperature reaches 200* – 202* again.

    It is working great now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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