2000 Quest dash lights out at once

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    A couple of weeks ago most of my instrument cluster lights went out. Is this likely to be a circuit board issue? I don’t want to open it up just to find intact filaments if this is a known issue.



    I don’t think the circuit board is a know issue on these vans. Have you replaced any of the cluster light bulbs ever? Normally, when one bulb goes bad on my cluster, I replace all of them at the same time so I don’t have to remove the cluster many times.

    Are the warning lights working (ABS, BREAK, FUEL, HI-BEAM, etc.) when you turn on the ignition?



    I’ve never changed any of the bulbs. I think the idiot lights are all working…



    behind the kick panel driver side


    Check the owner manual for which fuse controls instrument lights. It could be the Lighting Control Module. It oculd be the headlamp switch. There are 4 of them. In very short supply. 2 are for Canada with daytime running lights, the other 2 for the U.S.
    Does the backlighting work for the headlamp switch, the radio, the heater control panel?

    Gerry in Detroit




    First thing to do is to check the fuses and replace the bad ones .

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