2000 Quest Drivers window switch will not operate the drivers window

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    We just purchased a 2000 Quest van with 123,000 miles. The drivers side window would not go up once it was put down until you turn off the car and then restart it. Then the window would function once again. Well, so much for that quirky operation. Today I put the window down and it will no longer go back up. I’ve read many forums and the most likely remedy was to clean the switch and the contact points, but there is no really good explanation of how to get at the parts to be cleaned. I would appreciate a really detailed explanation of what I need to do to remove the switch or at least get at it, remove, or pry it apart so that I can clean it. I’m not sure how to get to the switches and remove them. I’ve heard that this can be done without removal of the door panel. All of the other windows work fine from this master switch. Your help would greatly be appreciated!



    I had this same problem few years ago. I just replaced the whole switch. It costs me around $90 (if i remember it correctly). No, you don’t need to remove the door. Take the screws off that secure the switch. The screws are hidden under the little taps in the little pocket above the door handle.



    You can order a replacement here:


    $85 is not too bad. I fixed mine but its a bit of work to pry the switch apart. Worth a try when you know if you screw it up a replacement is available at a half decent price.



    I had no problems with my windows on my 2000 (over 135,000 miles) until the dealer had it for about an hour one morning. When I drove away I noticed the windows would not budge. I spent the $ for a new switch. The driver’s side apparently controlled both front windows.



    I basically did this and checked my switches before taking apart rest to replace the motor. My switches were all very clean. But basically you pop out the armrest (screw under the handle cover) and you can then get at the switches and contacts from the back side.

    Most likely it is your contacts if all the other windows work.
    it is LIKELY you can clean the copper contacts and get it going again. esp if you had sporadic results before.


    good luck!

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