2000 Quest fuel pump operation?

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    When I turn the key on, the fuel pump runs for about 5 secs then shuts off. Is this normal?

    I’m trying to troubleshoot a starting/running problem with my Quest. It’ll sometimes start, idle smoothly for a minute or 2, die, then won’t start. Seems to be fuel starved. I changed the fuel filter out, it was dirty, but this didn’t seem to help.

    I don’t think the injectors are plugged because when it does idle, it idles smoothly.

    Is there a valve that controls fuel to all the injectors that might be sticking or be intermittent that I can check?

    The fuel pump seems to put out good pressure when it runs for the 5 secs (I pulled the line and checked this).

    Just wondering if this 5 sec run is normal, and if anyone has ideas as to why it won’t stay running.



    well i just had the same prob with my fulepump the 5 sec gush is only your prime to build presure for starting but if it dont pump any more then that its your fule pump . was you fule pump getting to where you could here it get louder for a while . i would say it is your fule pump that is bad mine did the same thing .



    Are there any “check engine” lights on?



    Don’t buy a new fuel pump from Auto zone. A friend went through 4 before he went to the dealer for new one 400.00, not rebuilt.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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