2000 Quest loud braking noise

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    I’m not certain as to which side of the brakes this noise is originating from, as it sounds like it comes from all directions while I’m driving it, but a loud obnoxious clacking noise is emitted when braking with 30-100% force. If I brake gently, no noise is heard. I recently replaced the rear drums, shoes, and hardware, as I’d been advised by a few mechanics that this would be the cause of the noise. It no seems, however, that the noise is even more pronounced and the car even jerks a little while braking. Has anyone experienced this issue before or might be able to tune me into what this noise could possibly be? Anything helps! Thanks in advance!




    Beleive what the mechanics are telling you. The clacking noise is really comming from the rear drums. I had exactly the same noise when I replaced the drums (and everything inside) in my ’99 van. Also, because the new aftermarket drums where not balanced correctly, I experienced a lot of vibration in the chassis with the worst @ 55MPH+. The odd of all was that the vibration was felt in the front of the van.

    To solve it, I put the original drums back after having them turned. I also used the best aftermarket brake shoes I could found. Sometimes, not always, I hear the clacking noise but it is very low and soft that really does not bother me at all because I have to pay a lot of attention to hear it.

    I hope it helps.

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