2000 Quest rear blows air/heat, front doesn't

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    Our 2000 Nissan Quest GLE does not blow air in the front. It started with sometimes you’d hit a bump and the blower would stop working and later you’d hit another bump and it’d start working again. Now it has been a few months and many “bumps” later and still it doesn’t work.

    Today my husband replaced the a/c and heater control unit, changed fuses and still it does not work in the front.

    One other thing (and maybe this isn’t related but just in case it is), last year the a/c stopped blowing cold air in the front but it would blow cold air in the back. The coolant was full so it wasn’t that. The air was blowing in the front it just wasn’t cold.

    It’s an older vehicle and we don’t want to have to spend a fortune at the mechanic so if my husband can fix it he’d like to try. Any and all suggestions welcome and appreciated because Minnesota winter without heat would be very unpleasant!



    The front blower is independant from the rear blower. Your issue is very likely to be the front blower resistors. They control the speed of the blower electrical motor.



    … if the resistor is bad, you should only get high flow when the blower is on (first hand experience)

    check for the circuit continuity; something at the wiring or connector to the front blower motor is open

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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