2000 Quest – smacked top of dash and washer light came on, car started running bad, O/D light on, error codes…

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    I just joined this forum because Im at ends with an issue on my girlfriends 2000 Nissan Quest SE i tried to fix for her.

    I was doing alot of work on this van…I replaced the front Motor mount, tansmission mount, all 3 belts, lower right control arm, both steering rack bushings, oil change, added a qt of tranny fluid, added washer fluid, new door handle and then did something stupid… It was at night after this long day and I noticed a couple lights out on the vans cluster gauge, so a gave the top of the dash a good smack and a couple bulbs came on…so then I decided to hit harder and really banged on the top of the dash-right above the cluster and towards the rear by the windshield and then all hell broke loose.

    The van immediatly signaled at the dash that the washer fluid was low, light came on, the car immeditaly ran rough, and a few minuites later a check engine light came on. Then the O/D light came on. I restarted the car in a panic and then received the 16 blinks from the O/D light and the car is in limp mode, basically in 3rd gear. I freaked because I was done with everything and then I did this. The cruise does not work either and the OD button does nothing and I am getting a bunch of OBDII codes with my reader.

    Heres a list, but i get more or less sometimes:
    Pressure solenoid valve, tranny
    Solenoid A tranny
    Solenoid B tranny,
    sometimes, not always, I get a Transmission communication error on the OBDII reader.

    This is what i did next: I figured i may have knocked a connector off the back of the cluster gauge in the dash so i tore out all the dash facade and replugged in all the conectors in the dash area. Nothing changed. I saw that the Transmission ECU is directly behind the cluster, a little lower, and very near where i hit the dash as well. I took it out but it looked ok. I unplugged the battery for 24hrs for a full TCU and ECM resett but the engine light came on and the O/D light right away, dont even need to start the car. I checked all fuses both inside and out and they are all good. I also checked vacume hoses in engine bay.

    Here are my thoughts. Is it possible that the cluster gauge can be damaged and sending the incorrect voltages to the TCU? Or maybe the TCU is damaged because its putting the Tranny into limp mode, hence the OBD tranny Comm link error. If i did creat a short somewhere where should i start with this? Could a bad OD button cause this or maybe i shorted the speed sensor? Since the cruise is dasabled is this a safety TCU thing because the tranny is in limp mode? I went by a mechanic and explained what happened. He said that he just couldnt see a cluster determining or sending incorrect voltages to the TCU. Im not sure how to go about this. I could just buy a TCU, cluster gauge, and maybe an ECM from Ebay but if its just a short somehere then im wasting my money. This one has got me baffled as there are so many variables to look for. I need someone who can explain what likely has happened with smacking the dashboard real hard or maybe someone with a lot of Nissan Quest knowledge.



    Hi kdog03,

    The O/D light always comes on when you are about to start the car. It goes off few seconds later after the engine is running.

    Do you have codes P0745, P0750, and P0755? These solenoids are connected to the TCU sharing the same electrical harness. Look for any loose connector. Also, follow the troubleshooting procedure as described in Section AT of the service manual.

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