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    My 2001 Quest SE with 160K miles started swerving when it shifts gears. Auto transmission. I made sure both front tires were similar in wear, changed trans fluid and added Lucas transmission additive. These changes seemed to help but did not resolve the problem. Does not do this all the time and sometimes the swerve of the vehicle is more pronounced than at other times. Seems worse at highway speeds than in town. Any suggestions other than replacing the tranmission would be appreciated. I purchased the Quest new in 2001. Thanks.



    it’s probably not due to the transmission, but the parts that drives the wheels

    have the cv shafts and suspension components checked for any loose play


    t bags

    alignment done recently?



    have your control arms looked at the bushing might be worn. i had the same problem



    greetings All,

    I found this ancient thread while digging around for some info on a problem my 2001 quest starting exhibiting right after getting new tires and an alignment done. On acceleration, the van will pull slightly to right when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. The steering seems to get real vague for a 1/4 second or so and then goes back to normal. I’ve checked the front end and everything seems tight with no visible play. How could getting an alignment cause this irritating situation?


    Shane T



    Have you replaced the rubber bushings that hold the steering rack?

    My van had a left-to-right-to-left play and one bushing was worn out causing the rack to move about 1/4″.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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