2001 Quest vibration at freeway speeds

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    We just solved an annoying hiway vibration problem. Starting at about 58mph, an increasing steering wheel and body vibration could be felt in the front of the auto. It increased in intensity until about 65mph and then remained constant as the speed was further increase. It was strong enough to make continued driving at these speeds annoying. When at these high speeds, the vibration continued even after putting the auto in neutral and shutting off the motor. Both left and right drive shafts were replaced. The tires were balanced 2+ times and eventually replaced. The front struts were replaced. The vibration persisted. The dominate source of this vibration turned out to be a defective set of new after market rear brake drums that I had put on the car. After replacing the after market drums with genuine Nissan drums, the vibration disappeared completely!

    I found it amazing that REAR axle brake drums could cause body vibration and steering wheel vibration in the FRONT of the car but this was the case. I am posting this in hopes that others who have similar problems will be able to quickly locate one possible source of unwanted vibration at freeway speeds. I visited 4 repair shops and spent over $1000 finding the solution. That is an expensive seminar and hope this posting saves you the agravation and expense I went through.



    The same thing happened to me too. I have another posting describing my adventure on the problem. I happen to still have the original drums and just went to a shop for resurface them. However, my question has been what to do next time I do really need new drums.

    Where did you get your Nissan drums? My local dealer told me they are discontinued.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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