2001 Raw fuel smell in cabin along with Check engine light

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    I have a 2001 quest gle with 60k miles on it, over the past 2 months I have a strong raw fuel odor inside the cabin and even outside the van.
    I can’t find any leaks and my mileage doesn’t seem to be affected.
    I tried to check the filler pipe and vent pipe by the rear wheel by removing the plastic cover in the wheel well and followed it with my hand to the tank and could not feel any wet spots.
    I open the fuel filler door and can smell the fuel odor in there also, so I replaced the cap with a new one and it did not help.
    The smell is extremely strong inside when you get gas but seems to go away after a few days. I am thinking that it may be the fuel pump cover leaking but I have no idea how to check this. I had a 94 sentra that it was accessible from under the rear seat however the only info I could find on the quest said to drop the fuel tank? I am wondering if this is difficult to do. The other question is, do I have to drop the tank to change the vent for the filler pipe?
    Has anyone else experienced this problem? Any help would be appreciated! Also does anyone know where to get the free repair manual download? The links I found on this site do not seem to work anymore. Thanks again!



    http://www.nicoclub.com is the site for most nissan vehcile online free service manuals…

    i’d say w/ this type of problem, though, take it to a professional to do a visual check, then replace the bad component yourself if it’s easily accessible

    any fuel-related trouble codes from your vehcile’s ecu/ecm?

    autozone/ advance autoparts can do a free code scan really quick since it’s OBD II and the plug is right below the steering wheel…



    Possible bad fuel injectors….although its hard to tell could be a fuel line or anything around the the EGR system. I had the similar problem it ended up being a stuck fuel injector on my #4 cylinder and it was flooding my engine with gas.



    Hello , I have had the same problem for several years.

    In my car the fuel odor comes from the high pressure fuel hoses close to the Air flow, control.

    I have replaced the fuel hose, make sure it is high pressure fuel hose with proper high pressure fuel clamps.

    Unfortunately this only seems to last a year then it starts again.

    If you have any better fix I would appreciate the information.

    I began to think that maybe the high pressure fuel pump makes too much pressure until if forces a leak.

    Let me know if you have any further information


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