2001 Villager – max speed 45 -50mph . low revs

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    2001 Villager Estate w/142k. starts fine. shifts firm. will only go 45mph on the freeway. I shift to neutral and engine will only rev to 3000 or so. seems like a plugged converter ? no check engine lights. Been a good van until this. ???? not wanting to spend much – will be selling – we purchased another vehicle.

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    vehicle speed sensor…

    if your O/D light flashes when you put the ignition key in and turn it on w/out starting the engine… this will be your tell-tale sign that this sensor crapped out on you

    another sign is the odometer and speedometer doesn’t work

    i’ve read and put my replies on others posts about this same problem; i’ve put where you can download a SERVICE manual for this vehicle

    your vehicle is in limp mode if it shows those 2 signs on the dashboard

    i’ve purchased an aftermarket sensor from advance auto parts made by BWD & both the old an replacement parts had “FORD” w/ their circle logo on BOTH of them!?!

    SN7196 was the part number on the box…

    to access this sensor, it’s best to go under the vehicle, slide straight in… the downpipe is in the middle, and the sensor will be towards the driver side, and on the transmission

    a 10 mm hex bolt (i used a small socket w/ a 1/4″ ratchet) and a small screwdriver to pry the plug’s holddown clips was the only things i used to remove it (along w/ the car jack and jack stands, of course)

    there’s a plastic gear at the end of the sensor when you do pull it out of the trans mission that’s OEM/dealer only so don’t break it/ check the gear teeth on it/ held on by a small metal clip, easily removeable w/ my small flathead

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