2004-06 Nissan Quest Instrument Panel Cluster Lid 68240

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    OK, I’ve got this listed on e-Bay but I can sell on here for my actual cost due to no e-Bay fees! I’m asking exactly what I have in it, which is $82 and change, shipped. My e-Bay listing reads:

    This is a brand new, OEM instrument panel lid-cluster for a 2004-2006 Nissan Quest, all trim levels. It is beige. This is the panel that houses the speedometer, fuel gauge, radio info, display info, etc. The top, center part of the dash. Sorry for the bad photos, it’s my phone camera! Anyway, I ordered the wrong part and instead of paying the 20% restocking fee, I’m just trying to recoup my money so I can buy the right part. It is the OEM part number 68240-5Z001. The part number listed on the invoice is 05N/68240-5Z001. I’m pretty sure the 05N designates the trim color, as that’s my Quest’s trim color (beige). Brand new, never used. I just received it in the mail today, opened it, and now I’m listing it for you! Please ask me any questions that you may have. Thanks!

    I really need to sell ASAP so I can buy the right part! By the way, does anyone have p/n 68260-5Z001 in color 05N, beige? It’s the round lid cover where the radio, etc. is. Thanks folks!



    Hi there, if you still have your inst cluster I’m interested, I have a 04 quest se and everything works just fine but for some reason the miles display fades away, I can only see a couple of digits on it, so by changing the whole display panel it may fix the problem, I live in california my email is tawazula@yahoo.com tnx



    My quest is doing the same thing – how did you fix it



    My quest was working good. After turn off, the last night, It was hard to start, after 2 tryings started but the service engine light and the vct came on. Lack of power. I drove to my house and after turn off. I tried again, the power was restored, but the service engine light still on. Autozone scan said P0340
    I need some help about this issue.

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