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    My third brake light works properly, but the taillight brake lights do not work. I highly doubted that the bulbs went out simultaneously but I went ahead and changed them out anyway without any luck…Can anyone offer any help? thanx



    there is a fuse for the brake lights. I would start there.



    Where? I have looked in both boxes…under the hood and under the dash. Didn’t find one labeled as such, so I looked at every fuse. Nothing blown. Is there a third location?



    The service manual says it’s a 10A fuse (No 20) on the fuse block. Should be near the upper right corner. Just for sake of trying, change that fuse to a new one.

    If it’s not fixed, at this point, you need to use a multimeter to test if the bulb plug has any voltage when the brake is pressed. If you don’t have one, you can pick one up at Walmart at auto dept for like $15-$20. Start with that. Hope you don’t have some electrical problem.



    If its not the fuse and the bulbs, and the bulbs went out simultaneouly, it sounds like the ground might have a bad connection. My Quest managed to sever the ground for the power doors and it only took Nissan seven hours ($700) and a $2 wire to to locate and fix the problem.



    Ok.. Same thing happened to me.. But ALL brake lights not working.. Used a multi meter all the way back to third brake light… And have power.. STILL not working.. Any ideas of where on the vehicle to find the ground wire?? Searched up repair manual and they dont have one out for a 2004 nissan quest…. Please please please help..



    This problem becomes not one problem related just to brakes. One by one it will multiply. Check any fuses but I do not think it is a fuse or a relay issue. You should also try to activate your cruise control and I bet you you will get a blinking SET light and a cruise that does not activate.

    Go under the steering wheel and trace up to the top of the brake pedal. There are 2 switches attached to these pedals.One has a Brown color housing and the other black. Twist the black switch counter clock wise slightly until you feel it loose and pull out gently. Do not force either of these switches and gently undo the wire connections to it. Take the black color one out of the vehicle and do a surgery on it. you will need a small screwdriver and carefully pry open the switch. There are two brass contact stems inside. Take each of them out and rub on a fine sand paper until the black burnt like color is gone. replace them the way they were before and put the switch back together. This takes only 5-10 mins. If you do not want to go through this cleaning, purchase a new switch please. Replace the switch back and immediately, your brake lights, cruise control and everything else related will begin to work. Black switch is Stop light switch. Brown one is Cruise control switch. Dealer repair is about $250 at least. This is very easy and you will feel on top of the world! try it. If you screw up the switch, buy a new one as you did not screw up the van.

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