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    I have a quick question. I also have the problem with having a CD stuck in the player. It just makes a clicking sound when I try to eject it. I want to replace it with the 6 CD Changer unit. The Dealer drooled at the prospect of me buying a new one though they said they could only install a new single cd player. Does anyone know how and where to get the 6 cd changer installed properly? Thanks



    My cd player was filled, then it stopped working (no eject/no fill/no play) I thought for sure the kids stuffed too many CD’s in there. After installing a swanky system, much later my battery died. After replacing the battery, my CD player worked! I suppose you could disconnect yours and see what happens???
    Good luck!


    Ken Krauss

    If you can pull the radio out, you can fix yourself. I posted the fix and there are other posts on how to pull the radio out.



    My CD player will not play and will not eject. It just clicks, anyone know a fix??



    Thank you, where is the link to the fix….Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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