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    Hi all,
    I am greatly appreciate someone’s help.
    My 2004 Quest has an electrical problem: all control buttons for entertainment system, interior lights, Settings, Maintenance, etc are out. Obviously because the fuse is out. So I replaced the fuse and open the door. The interior lights are on. It was seeming good !!! … Not for long, in about a minute later, the fuse is blown out. So there is a short somewhere. I disconnected the entertainment system, put in a new fuse, and shorted out in a minute later. I disconnected all the connections to the entertainment system and to the Settings, Maintenance, etc … buttons. I put in a new fuse, and again, it was last about a minute. Same problem when I took out all interior lights except one.

    So I have an electrical shorting problem … I don’t think that it is the electrical wire shorting problem. Because, if I am having the wire shorting problem, I would not have a minute of power before the fuse is blown out. Wire shorting problem would blow out the fuse immediately when the power is applied. I think it is computer component shorting problem, i.e., when electricity flows into the computer, one (or maybe more than one) component is getting hot and then to the point that will short the circuitry and trigger back to the fuse. Hence, the fuse is blown out in about a minute later.

    Okie … computer component shorting is just a guess only. Anyone was/is experiencing the same problem??? Anyone has any idea what is going on??? Or any guessing at all???

    Again, greatly appreciate the help …



    Any update?
    Maybe the sunroof is leaking into the interior getting wires/switches wet?

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