2004 Nissan Quest radio question.

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    Just recent purchased and 04 Quest and the radio seems to have mysteriously quit working. It is not responsive to the controls and all I can hear is the cd drive trying to eject. I checked the two fuses, one for radio and the other for audio and the both were good. Since crutch field doesn’t list any compatible head units does or has anyone ever put in an aftermarket unit in their quest? I am wondering if a single din unit would for where the cd unit is.

    Since I am overseas it will be hard for me to take it to a Nissan dealership or a tandaed audio place. I am thinking about trying to find one to see of they could fabricate something that wouldn’t be too expensive.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you



    Good luck finding an aftermarket unit to fit. The radio on our 2004 Quest will shutoff when put into gear. It only happens intermittently. There is a TSB (not a recall) for this issue that calls for replacing the radio unit. I searched Crutchfield as well and got the same result. I figure if Crutchfield does not have a unit that is compatible with the Quest, it probably doesn’t exist.

    The original unit is made by Clarion and replacing it seems pretty easy. I’m not sure if Clarion will sell directly to the consumer though. I searched the internet several months ago and found a couple sites that sell refurbished units. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the sites. I do remember the prices were in the mid $300s.



    I recommend Clarion as well. Anything to get some tunes bumpin in your ride!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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