2004 Quest ABS Control Unit Replacement

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    It’s been confirmed that the ABS Control Unit needs replaced and is quoted at $1690.00. Apparently the cowel, wiper motor etc. needs to be removed etc. Does anyone know technically what the process is or has anyone done one?



    Looks like I’m in the same boat.
    What were the symptoms which lead you to this diagnosis?

    Any update on this repair? Did you complete it yourself?



    The diagnosis was made at the dealer after we had a noise that sounded like a blower motor running after the vehicle was turned off from under the cowel on the pass side engine compartment. The only way to stop it was to disconnect the battery.

    The dealer indicated it would be 1290.00 parts and $400 labor and disconnected it which is when the sound stopped and all the lights came on.

    You can find a manual to repair it here:


    File BRC.pdf lists the system you want info on. Page 97 is the repair. Seems straight forward. Not sure if I’m going to find a used part or go new. I’ve done struts and the cowel assy/wiper assy etc. removal is simple, you may want to order a few extra clips from the dealer however if you do it. I’ll post when it’s done, but it’s all just nuts/bolts and then bleeding the system so should be simple if I can bend myself into position! 🙂



    Does anyone know where to get a ABS unit besides the dealer or a 90K car from Ebay?



    That part is likely an OEM only part. Do a search on the internet. There are a number of Nissan service departments that sell parts online at a discount. I’ve purchased lower control arms and a couple sensors from online Nissan dealers and they were much less than what my local dealer was selling them for. And they are OEM parts.

    BTW, my local mechanic installed the control arms and I replaced the sensors myself (camshaft and VAIC sensors).

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